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Step 1 : Login to  your account on the Myduniahosting website. Choose Manage DNS on the Domains section as shown below.



Step 2 : Click on Add New Zone if there is no zone yet on your domain. You will go to the page as below.

Enter your domain name on the Zone Name section and click on Add Zone button.


Then, you can start edit your zone by click on the Edit Zone icon. It will show all your DNS records for your domain.



Step 3 : You can add or edit your DNS records on the page as below. To add the record, click on the Add Record button.



You will go to the page as below that ask you to choose the type of records you want to add. You need to fill a few forms based on your type of record that you choose. There are a few types of record you can choose based on your requirement. 



You can refer the details for each type by click on the link below. 

A record :

CAA record :

CNAME record :

MX record :

NS record :

SRV record :

TXT record : 


Step 4 : Besides, the image below show how you can edit/remove your records by click on the Remove Record icon.

You will ask for the confirmation before the selected record is removed successfully.



The next steps depend on the record type that you want to edit or create. The Name field leave as the blank field as it will be your domain name and leave the TTL field at it's default setting. 




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