Email Protection using RBL (Real-time Block List)

We at myduniahosting always strive to make sure that our email services are always protected from SPAM and Phishing emails. One of the protection method that we have actively using is Real-time Block List (RBL). This email protection will help email server to control and limit connections from known IP addresses which has been identified to be actively sending SPAM and Phishing emails all over the internet. This blocking database will also help to save server resources from processing the potential spam emails.

Below are the list of RBL that has been actively used by


Please take note that myduniahosting does not responsible and maintain any related database for the IP address that has been listed inside the above RBLs. The owner of the server and IP address are required to contact the RBLs should their server IP addresses being registered into the RBLs databases.


It is quite common to see IP addresses owned by well-known email service provider like google mail, yahoo, outlook, rackspace and many more to be listed inside RBLs.  We have seen a lot of events where these well-known service provider IP addresses being compromise to send SPAM and Phishing email which leads to the MTA ip addresses being registered in RBL.

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