How to manage and use Calendars and Contacts?

The following steps are available for iOS devices only. In order to access your Calendars and Contacts remotely, it is required for you to add CalDAV(for Calendars) and CardDav(for Contacts) server configurations on your device.

1)      On your iOS device, choose “Settings”.

2)      Select “Mail,Calendars,Contacts”.

3)      Choose “Add Account”.

4)      Select “Other” among the options listed.

5)      For CalDAV:

a.       Select “Add CalDAV account”.

b.      Insert your server name as such:

(2080 is the port number and is compulsory to be added after the hostname)

c.       Continue by inserting your cPanel username, cPanel password and description for example, My Calendars.

6)      For CardDAV:

a.       Return to “Other”.

b.      Select “Add CardDAV account”.

c.       Insert all the information needed, as the same as the information under CalDAV settings.

7)      Once you are done with both accounts settings, you will find that your Calendar and Contacts are successfully synchronized with the calendar and address book in your cPanel.

8)      Now, you are able to remotely access into the Calendars and Contacts using your iOS devices.

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