How to configure autoresponder using cPanel

To configure Auto Responder to send automatic replies from an email address on the domain as belows :

1. Login to your cPanel account

2. In Mail Section, click the Auto Responders icon.

3. After that, click Add Auto Responder.

4. Fill up all the information in the form.

5. In the Interval field, specify the number of hours that wish for autoresponder send to wait between responses to the same email.

6. In the Email field, type the email that will be send as Auto Responder.

7. In the From field, fill in the name of auto-response will be from.

8. In the Subject field, enter the subject of the contain of the Auto Responder.

9. Click the HTML checkbox if the body of email content HTML. If not, just ignore.

10. In the body field, use the tag to insert the information as diagram below.

11. Then, select start and stop time of the autoresponders.

12. After fill up all the detail in the information, click create/modify.


To remove an Auto Responder :

1) Under Current Auto Responder, click delete button for the Auto Responder that want to be remove.

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