How to check your bandwidth usage in cPanel?

Bandwidth devices reads the traffic data that can be displayed in graph. Bandwidth usage is a sum of incoming and outgoing on your hosting account and include visitor to your webpage.

First, login into your cPanel account.

After login, a short summary of your Bandwidth Usage on the right panel.

The Bandwidth interface displays bandwidth usage information for:

·         The past 24 hours

·         The past week

·         The past year

·         The current month

·         The previous months




Checking daily bandwidth usage:


In cPanel, you can also check your daily use by click on the link.

When you click on these links, you will get a more detailed summary on the daily bandwidth usage of that month.

The bandwidth usage statistics are separated by protocol:

·         HTTP – web traffic

·         POP3 – email that your accounts received

·         IMAP – email that your accounts received

·         FTP – file transfers

·         SMTP – emails that your accounts sent


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