How to install Wordpress by using cPanel


Creating A Database

Step 1 : Login to your cPanel account to set up your database and database user. Scroll down for Databases section, then choose MySQL Databases as shown below :

Step 2 : Enter a name for your database and click Create Database. Most of the time, you will want to name your database with your website name, using lowercase letters.

Creating A MySQL User

Step 1 : On the same page, scroll down to the MySQL Users section.

You will see the same prefix as your database name.

Enter a username and password for your database user and Create User.

Step 2 : When the user is created, you will be taken to a confirmation page. Enter the Go Back button to return to the main databases page



Downloading Wordpress

Step 1 : Go to to download the latest version of Wordpress as a .ZIP file.

If you are installing Wordpress to the main domain name on your hosting account, use the instructions directly below. If you are installing Wordpress to a subdomain or addon domain, use the second set of instrusctions below.

i) ZIP File Setup for Main Domain :

Unzip the file you just downloaded. You will now have a folder named "wordpress", with the Wordpress files/folders inside.

Open the main "wordpress" folder, select everything inside, and create a new .ZIP file so that the files/folders are no longer inside the main "wordpress" folder.

If you are unable to create a new .ZIP file, you can use the original one you downloaded, but you will have to move the files once you unzip them onto the server.

ii) ZIP File Setup for Subdomain or Addon Domain :

Open the Wordpress .ZIP file. Rename the main "wordpress" folder to the name of your website, in all lowercase letters, and with no spaces (hyphens are OK if you really want to use them).

You don't need to unzip the entire file to do this. Most archiving software will allow to simply open the .ZIP file, right click the "wordpress" folder, and rename it to whatever you want.


Uploading and Extracting Your Files

Step 1Go back to the main page in your cPanel account, and click File Manager under the Files panel to open the cPanel File Manager in a new window.


Step 2 : Navigate to the "public_html" folder in the left sidebar.

Step 3  : Click the Upload button in the top toolbar to open the file uploader in a new window.

Step 4 : Browse to your .ZIP file and click Open. You will see an upload status bar in the bottom right corner.

Once your file has finished uploading, close the file uploader window. Click the Reload button to refresh the file list in the File Manager.

Step 5 : Find the .ZIP file you just uploaded, click to select it, and click the Extract button in the top toolbar.

Extract the contents of the .ZIP file into /public_html. If you are installing Wordpress to your main domain, then the files/folders wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, etc. should all be located directly in /public_html.


If you are installing Wordpress to a subdomain or addon domain, the files/folders should be under /public_html/websitename, with the subdomain or addon domain pointing to that folder.


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