How to use PostgreSQL by using cPanel

PostgreSQL is an open source Relational Database Management System(RDBMS).

First, Enter the correct username and password to be able to login to the cPanel. Then at the dashboard, click the PostgreSQL Database.


In order to be able manage the database postgreSQL, must be able to create one user at first. To create the user. Fill up all the detail that required in the form as shown in figure below.


 To change PostgreSQL user’s password, rename user’s and delete user’s, click at the CURRENT USERS.

When click at CHANGE PASSWORD, you can add new password and re-type the new password. When click at RENAME, you can rename the database user.

 After create the database user, then can create database in the section CREATE NEW DATABASE.


If want to add a PostgreSQL user to the database, at the section of Add User to Database choose the user you want to add at the user list and after confirm click at button SUBMIT.


If  want to rename or delete the database, at section CURRENT DATABASE select the RENAME or DELETE. If want to delete, must make sure that you have backup copy if you want any information in the database.

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