How to change PHP versions using MultiPHP

MultiPHP enables you to use multiple versions of PHP on your server at the same time.

Step 1 : Login to cPanel

There are two ways to log in to a cPanel account:

     i) Access cPanel through the Myduniahosting Customer Portal.

     ii) Access cPanel directly.


Step 2 : There are many sections of the cPanel home screen. Scroll down for the SOFTWARE section and click MultiPHP Manager :

Image 2 


On the System PHP Version, cPanel displays the default PHP version for your server as shown below :

img 11

Step 3 : In order to change the PHP version for a domain, on the Set PHP Version per Domain, select the check box of the domain for which you want to change the PHP version:

img 3

Step 4In the list box of the PHP Version, select the PHP version you want to use for the domain, and then click Apply:


Done ! The new PHP version for the domain is ready to be apply.

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