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Since it is very important for security reasons that you create an extremely difficult WordPress Admin Password it is not uncommon to forget it. If you are on one of our My Dunia Hosting shared hosting or if you are using cPanel on a VPS or dedicated service, we are about to tell you how to recover it!

1. Begin by logging into your cPanel account. You can do this directly from within the My Dunia Hosting CA (Customer Area) or your C-Panel link.

Note: If you are a VPS or Dedicated Server client, you will have to access your cPanel/WHM directly with the information provided to you in your welcome email.

2. Once logged into your cPanel account, scroll down to the "Databases" section and select PHPMyAdmin.


3. Select the WordPress database that is used by your website. If you are unsure, you can check the wp-config.php file in your root directory to confirm.



4. Next, find the wp_user table and click browse so we can edit it. In this example, the wp_user file is named "wpp9_users."


5. Now, select "Edit" next to your WordPress Admin username. In this example, there is only one user, but it is not uncommon to have several. Just be sure to "Edit" the WordPress Admin details for the correct username.


6. Locate the user_pass field, which is where your Admin password is stored.


7. From the drop down under Function select "MD5." Finally, enter your new password in the available textbox and select "Go".


That's it! Your WordPress Admin Password has been changed. If you have any questions or we can help in anyway, be sure to let us know! :)

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