Failed to create new post or pages to wordpress


There will be a time where you will not be able to create a new post or pages to your wordpress site which are hosted in our server. When you try to save your new post or pages you will find out that you are being redirected to your wordpress dashboard and you will also find that your new post or pages is not saved.


In most cases this issue will happened when ModSecurity is enabled. ModSecurity provide a mechanisme for apache web server to protect websites from known website attacks or hacking activity.


Please login to your cPanel account and temporary disabled ModSecurity for your respective domain. You may follow How to Enable or Disable ModSecurity guide.


Even though ModSecurity does not provide 100% web protection. We have seen enabling ModSecurity has able to help our customers to protect their websites from web hacking or web attacks. We do suggest for customer to re-enabled ModSecurity after they have made changes to their worpress website.

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