File transfer using File Manager Plesk

File transfer using File Manager Plesk

File Manager is module is built-in Plesk. The File Manager interface allows Plesk users to manage and edit their files. For the transfer file, either you can use Plesk File Manager or FileZila FTP.

1. Login Plesk account . Go to Hosting Services on left side and find “File Manager” icon or you can click on sidebar Plesk > “Files”. 

2. Plesk will open httpdocs file once you click on “File Manager”. At here you can upload, download, edit file, delete file or create file.

Upload tab – upload file to selected directory

New – create folder / file to selected directory

Copy – copy file to selected directory

Move – move file to selected directory

Remove – delete file in selected directory

Extract file – extract file (.zip, .7zip, etc.) in selected directory

Add to Archive – archive file in selected directory

Calculate Size – calculate file size in selected directory or selected files

Change time – change or update file time of the last modification for selected files or directories.

3. On right-side Plesk File Manager, there is setting button for setting change the layout of file manager. You can simply click on “setting” icon

4. To edit a file in the HTML editor, place the mouse pointer over the file click, to open the file's context menu


Edit in code editor – edit selected file in code editor

Edit in Text Editor – edit selected file in text editor

View – to view selected file

Open in Browser – open selected file or directories in new tab browser

Open in log browser – open selected file in log view

Download – download selected file.

Rename – rename selected file

Change permissions – change permissions on selected file or directories

File Transfer using FileZilla

FileZilla is a free software and cross-platform FTP application.

1. Download and install FileZilla for client. After finish the installation, open the FileZilla.

2. For transfer your file using FileZilla, you need to insert the Host, Username, Password, and Port.

-  Host: your hosting domain

-  Username and password Plesk username and password

-  And for default port for myduniahosting is 21

3. FileZilla will open the file manager of your web hosting. FileZilla will show status “Successful” it means FileZilla could establish the connection with your website.

4. Using FileZilla, you can easily drag-drop the file to your website. You can choose which file you want to copy from local site to remote site.

5. You also could download file from remote site to local site using drag-drop option.

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