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File transfer using File Manager CPanel

File Manager is module is built-in CPanel. The File Manager interface allows cPanel users to manage and edit their files. For the transfer file, either you can use File Manager or File Zila FTP.

1.Login to your CPanel Account. On top view, find “Files” tab and click “File Manager” icon.


2. With the File Manager interface, open perform the following steps:

  • Select the directory to view in the file window:
    • Home Directory (/home/user)
    • Web Root (/public_html/www)
    • Public FTP Root (/public_ftp)
    • Document Root (/public_html)
  • Click on the Show Hidden Files checkbox to see hidden files.
  • Click on the Skip this question checkbox to see the File Manager Directory Selection window.
  • Click Go.
  • The File Manager interface opens in a new browser window and the selected directory displays in the file window. 

3. After you click, the web page will redirect to "CP File manager"

Search for a file

The Search tool at the top right corner of the interface allows users to search for a specific file. By default, Search searches all files in the home directory. You can limit the search to the root directory or to the directory that displays in the file window.

To search for a file, perform the following steps:

  • Use the Search menu to choose the directory to search: All Your Files, Only public_html or Current Directory.
  • Enter the desired file name in the text box.
  • Click Go.

A new window will display the filenames that match your search. To go to a folder, or to the folder that contains the desired file, double-click the desired item in the list. If there are no files that include your search term, the message No records found displays.

File Transfer using FileZilla

FileZilla is a free software and cross-platform FTP application.

1. Download and install FileZilla for client. After finish the installation, open the FileZilla.

2. For transfer your file using FileZilla, you need to insert the Host, Username, Password and Port.

-          For Host is your website domain

-          Username and password is your CPanel username

-          And for default port for myduniahosting is 21

3. FileZilla will open the file manager of your web hosting. FileZilla will show status “Successful” it means FileZilla could establish the connection with your website.

4. Using FileZilla, you can easily drag-drop the file to your website. You can choose which file you want to copy from local site to remote site.

5. You also could download file from remote site to local site using drag-drop option.

6. For default, the maximum file transfer for FTP is 2MB. You can refer this link for change limit FTP File (link)


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