Installation error cause by PHP disable functions


Receive errors when trying to install new CMS(Content Management Systems) which saying that the error due to disable PHP functions.


Default PHP version pre-compiled with our webserver are configured to disabled certain PHP functions. This action has been taken in considering for security reason. It is an expected result.

Solution/Work arround:

Eventhough we have disable certain functions for our default PHP precompile with our web server, use still able to bypass this by using our alternate PHP. You will be able to do this by following below steps.

1. Login to your cPanel
2. Browser to Software and click on "Select PHP Version"
3. Choose your desired PHP version and customize the required module accodingly.

4. Once confirm, click on save button and set the version as current version.
5. Current PHP version will then change as per your selections.

By doing this, you will not bound to any PHP restrictions.

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