How to change my default page?

You can change the home page yourself by doing the following:

For Linux Server
1. Create a .htaccess file under web directory(Public_html)
2. Add in the line below:
DirectoryIndex index.htm
3. Save the file
4. You can also use this command to specify alternatives. If the first filename listed does not exist the server will look for the next and so on. So you might have:
DirectoryIndex index.htm index.php default.htm

For Windows Server
1. Access your web control panel
2. Click on Web Directories.
3. Click on Preferences button on the General tab.
4. Default documents search order - specifies the order in which IIS searches for the default document, sending user the first available file it finds. If no match is found, IIS behaves as in the cases when the default content page is disabled.

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