Hi Guys,

We know it has been a while now since our wordpress hosting package launching. You must be waiting for latest updates from us. Do not worry, as we are always here and try to improve and give the best hosting experience to you as our customers. Our team has spent some time to prepare and come out with latest improvement in our wordpress hosting package. Please find below are some updates that we have work out and ease your hosting account management.

1. Automatic Let'sencrypt SSL Activation

From now on, customers who are already using our wordpress hosting account will automatically get SSL activation for each domain and subdomain that are hosted inside their accounts. This will speed up their SSL installation process for each domain that they have.

2. Automatic Wordpress SSL activation

Apart from that, Wordpress provisioning for each domain and subdomain added to the account will be automatically provision to use https instead of http. However, this only apply if the domain is already resolved to the server ip address.

3. Automatic Wordpress updates

We have seen a lot of wordpress sites which do not updates to the latest wordpress core and plugins will result of the website to be left vulnarable. This allow hackers to inject script and many more hacking possibilities through wordpress. Every wordpress provisioning will now enable force wordpress core and plugin update to make sure the site always secure.

We believe with this latest improvement, we will be able to help and ease our customers in managing their wordpress websites.

Thank you,


Monday, June 12, 2017

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